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Job Ad ID: 3009


Salary: Negotiable
Location: San Francisco, CA
Closing Date: December 6, 2023

PNR Analysis is offering a great service to Bay-Area park and recreation departments, municipal or special district, in acquiring the services for an Operational Analysis of your organization. The analysis takes one week of time and is a cost-effective way for your agency to raise the bar on many fronts, all toward continuous improvement and creating the groundwork for a Strategic Plan that will be inclusive of all layers in your organization.

Please contact Seve Ghose at 503-830-2572 or seveghose@gmail.com 

Research your options at www.pnranalysis.com




No RFP necessary as all the affordable work is done on a contract basis through a W9.

How To Apply:

Contact Seve Ghose at 503-830-2572 or seveghose@gmail.com and research the options at www.pnranalysis.com 

Agency: Park and Recreation Analysis
Apply To: 1045 Mission Street, Suite 270

Website: Go to Website
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Contact Name: Seve Ghose
Contact Email: seveghose@gmail.com
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