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Community Services Coordinator

Salary: $4, 426.51 to $6,254.55 monthly
Location: Eastvale, CA
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The Eastvale Team recently defined our purpose and values:

We champion experiences that engage, excite, and elevate our commUNITY through our:  

KINDNESS; selfless concern for all, 

GRIT; passion and resilience in everything we do, and 

SOLUTIONS-DRIVEN; courageous, creative, and collaborative results 

The new purpose and values really define our team and culture in Eastvale and are the basis and foundation of how we make decisions and serve our community. Team is the single most important thing in any organization, and we have attracted and developed a talented team that is passionate abou  Exceeding Eastvale’s Expectations Everyday.

In Eastvale we have created a Strengths-Based Leadership, Purpose & Values Driven, and People-Serving Team that is continually growing, learning, trying, and doing. We know perfection is the enemy of progress and mistakes are proof that we are trying. Some days we WIN, some days we LEARN, yet we ALWAYS TRY and GIVE our BEST!

If you are looking for a rewarding career that fosters innovation, creativity, collaboration, self-actualization, and a sense of purpose, we welcome you to apply to be a part of our award-winning team.


The Community Services Coordinator will serve as a key member of the Community Services Division within the City Clerk and Communications Department and will contribute to enhancing the level of commUNITY engagement and inclusion with the residents of Eastvale with a “can do” attitude and “get it done” approach to work in a fast-paced environment while working closely with a talented, energetic, and highly engaged team of City talent.

This position might be perfect for you:

 · If you want to make a valuable contribution to the commUNITY
 · If you are passionate about serving others
 · If you want to help define our vision for the future and our ability to thrive, together
 · If you want to help build Eastvale’s tomorrow, today

What you will be doing:

· Adding value to the Community Services Division by championing City events that Engage, Excite and Elevate our commUNITY

· Ensuring that the City is inclusive of everyone so that everyone's face is seen, everyone's voice is heard, and everyone feels welcome and safe

· Using courage and creativity to deliver events that celebrate the diverse Eastvale culture


The following are the minimum qualifications required for the Community Services Coordinator:

Education: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by college-level coursework in recreation, human services, public administration or a closely related field. 

Experience: Two years of work experience in recreation or closely related programs.

For additional information regarding the position, view the job description here. 

How To Apply:


To be considered for the position, all candidates must submit a completed City application, cover letter, resume, and a list of professional references here. 

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of relevant training, education, experience and writing skills as presented in the application, resume, cover letter and supplemental questions. The process may include interviews and/or performance tests. A background investigation including, LIVESCAN fingerprinting and verification of previous employment. Applicants will be required to submit verification of the legal right to work in the United States. All employees are required by law to sign a loyalty oath to the United States and the State of California Constitution at time of hire.

This recruitment is open until filled. 

Agency: City of Eastvale
Apply To: 12363 Limonite Ave #910

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Contact Name: Jay Alvarado
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